Ann Harris Bennett
Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector & Voter Registrar

All Harris County Tax Office locations are closed Friday, May 17, 2024 due to post-storm conditions. All appointments will be rescheduled. Please check back for updates.

Harris County Tax Office Forms

Vehicle Registration Forms

MV-506.pdfEmissions - testing regulations
MV-001-A.pdfStatement of Facts - General
MV-010.pdfFranchise Dealer Missing Inventory Affidavit
MV-015.pdfBill of Sale to a Motor Vehicle
MV-028.pdfMap for TxDMV and Harris County Tax Office Main Location
MV-050.pdfOne and Same Affidavit
MV-056.pdfDealer Supply Order Form
MV-065.pdfHarris County Tax Office Automobile Fee Schedule
MV-146.pdfItems Required When Requesting a Title Hearing
MV-146-SP.pdfSuggested Requirements Prior to Requesting a Title Hearing (Spanish)
MV-146-A.pdfRequest for Title Hearing
MV-265-M-1.pdfMechanic Lien Process-Step One
MV-265-M-2.pdfMechanic Lien Process-Step Two
MV-440.pdfRequest for Texas Motor Vehicle Information
MV-454.pdfAuthorization Letter
MV-466.pdfTransferring a Texas Title?
MV-469A.pdfExpired Registration Affidavit
MV-501.pdfConvenience Packages
MV-501-R.pdfConvenience Packages Resubmits Only
MV-502.pdfTimed Permit Verification Form
MV-502-SP.pdfTimed Permit Verification Form (Spanish)
MV-503.pdfAuthorization to Complete Blank Check Amount
MV-507.pdfHomemade-Shopmade Trailer Checklist
MV-508.pdfIdentification Requirements (RTB #13-14 24-13, 31-13, 09-15)
MV-519.pdfSurcharges on Automobile Transactions-Automobile Dealers
MV-528.pdfInstructions to send a certified letter, return receipt requested
MV-531.pdfSelf Certification One Sticker
MV-560.pdfEmployee Authorization Letter final
MV-565.pdfBonded Title Requirements
TS-1.pdfApplication for Motor Vehicle Title Service License
TS-1-R.pdfApplication for Motor Vehicle Title Service Runner License
TS-2.pdfAcknowledgement of Receipt of Forms TS-5 and TS-5A
TS-3.pdfRequest for Issuance of Title Service or Runners ID Badge or Certificate
TS-4.pdfMotor Vehicle Title Service Runner Authorization Form
TS-5.pdfHarris County Title Service Transactions
TS-5A.pdfHarris County Title Service Records
TS-7.pdfStatement to Voluntarily Relinquish a Title Service and/or Runner’s License
TS-8.pdfAuthorization Letter
TS-12.pdfVehicle Specific Authorization Letter
VTR-270.pdfStatement of Physical Inspection
VTR-214.pdfDisabilities Parking Placard and/or License Plate
TxDMV FormsTexas Department of Motor Vehicles Forms Web Site
130-U.pdfApplication For Texas Certificate Of Title
14-317.pdfAffidavit of Motor Vehicle Gift Transfer
Dealer Deputy RequestDealer Deputy Drop/Correction Request
Exempt Deputy RequestExempt Deputy Drop/Correction Request
Subcontractors Deputy RequestSubcontractors Deputy Drop/Correction Request

Property Tax Forms

TaxCertRequest.pdfTax Certificate Request Form
50-305.pdfMilitary Property Owner's Request for Waiver of Delinquent Penalty and Interest
Opt Out FormRequest to Remove Personal Information from the Harris County Tax Office Website
AC-501.pdfApplication for Property Tax Refund
AC-502.pdfRequest for Replacement Refund Check
11-13hms.pdfResidential Homestead Exemption (includes Over-65 and Disablility Exemptions)
25-25b.pdfRequest to Correct Name or Address on a Real Property Account
25-25bp.pdfRequest to Correct Name or Address on a Business Personal Property Account
33-06.pdfOver-65 Homestead Tax Deferral Affidavit
50-132.pdfProperty Tax Notice of Protest
50-285.pdfLessee's Affidavit of Personal Use of a Leased Vehicle
11-22.pdfDisabled Veteran’s & Survivor’s Exemption
PT-MHIFManufactured Home Tax Inquiry Form
PTRR-08.pdfResearch Request Form
ref.pdfRefund Verification Form
PT-TSBR.pdfTax Sale Bidder Registration
PT-DQP.pdfRequest for Installment Agreement for Taxes on Property in a Disaster Area
PT-NSNR.pdfSubdivision Name Request

Special Permit Tax Forms

COP-102 Coin-Operated Machine Permit Application form
23-12DVessel, Trailer and Outboard Motor Inventory Declaration
23-12EVessel, Trailer and Outboard Motor Inventory Tax Statement
23-121Motor Vehicle Inventory Declaration
23-122Motor Vehicle Inventory Tax Statement
23-127Retail Manufactured Housing Inventory Declaration
23-128Retail Manufactured Housing Inventory Tax Statement
23-1241Heavy Equipment Inventory Declaration
23-1242Heavy Equipment Inventory Tax Statement
Helpful InfoHelpful Reporting Information
QuestionsDealer Inventory Frequently Asked Questions
SIT WaiverApplication for Waiver of Special Inventory Tax (SIT) Penalty
HOT-NOIHotel Occupancy Tax New Owner Information
HOT-Online RegistrationHotel Occupancy Tax Registration for Online Tax Payments and Filings
HOT-Agent AppointmentHotel Occupancy Tax Appointment of Agent for Online Tax Payments and Filings
HOT-Agent RemovalHotel Occupancy Tax Removal of Agent for Online Tax Payments and Filings

Voter Registration Forms

EnglishVoter Registration Application
SpanishVoter Registration Application
VietnameseVoter Registration Application
ChineseVoter Registration Application
Opt Out FormRequest to Remove Personal Information from the Harris County Tax Office Website
VDVRApplication For Appointment as a Harris County Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar
VR-RCVRRequest To Cancel Voter Registration
VR-ADCVIAuthorization to Disclose Confidential Voter Information
BW9-3Peace Officer Request for Confidentiality
BW9-2Request for Omission
BW9-4Request for Voter Address Confidentiality
VTR006Voter Registration Application Request Form
AW13-6Request for Disability Exemption
AW13-7Request for Temporary Exemption to Photo ID Requirement
DPS-EICDPS Locations and Requirements for Election Certificates

Miscellaneous Forms

Opt Out FormRequest to Remove Personal Information from the Harris County Tax Office Website
Main Telephone Number:
Military Help Desk:
713-274- HERO (4376)
Downtown and Branch Offices normal hours:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM through 4:30 PM

Location of Branch Offices:
All branch locations can be found on our homepage
Customer Service E-mail Address: (Property tax questions only)
Automobile Title/License:
Ann Harris Bennett Tax Assessor-Collector
P.O. Box 4089 Houston, Texas 77210-4089

Property Tax Payments:
Ann Harris Bennett Tax Assessor-Collector
P.O. Box 4622 Houston, Texas 77210-4622
Property Tax Correspondence:
Ann Harris Bennett Tax Assessor-Collector
P.O. Box 4663 Houston, Texas 77210-4663

Open Government

In our commitment to open government, we invite open records requests in writing. Click here to access an Open Records Request form.
Once you have completed the form listing the requested information, you may mail it to:
Harris County Tax Office,
P.O. Box 2109.
Houston, Texas 77210-2109.

Please do not include open records requests with any other Tax Office correspondence.