Payment Agreement for Harris County taxes

Installment plans are available for all delinquent taxes.

General Information

What is the benefit of entering into a payment agreement for delinquent taxes?

Savings on penalty assessment - the sooner/earlier the account enters the payment plan, the sooner the penalty freezes on the account. Having the payment agreement also avoids further legal actions and collections fees, which can be an additional attorney’s collection fee of 15-20% of the unpaid taxes.


How do I contact you to set up a payment agreement for my delinquent taxes?

You may do so online, by giving us your information in the Enter Account Number box provided on this page, or contacting the Tax Office by:

Best option: Online search. From our Tax Office website, go to Property Tax>Search & Payments, select the side tab “Installment Payment Agreement”. Then enter your property account number to begin the process.

If I request an agreement online how do I make my first payment?

When is my monthly payment due?

Payment is due by the last day of each month.For the initial payment, be sure to include your signed and dated first payment coupon. If you have not already paid online or via phone, you can mail your payment to: P.O. Box 4622 Houston, Texas 77210-4622.

When can I expect to receive my contract and payment coupons?

You should receive your payment agreement packet within 15 working days after our office has emailed you the contract for the payment agreement. If you have not receive the packet within that time frame, please send your email to

Can I pay off the agreement early?

Yes. You may pay the remaining amount due at any time before the end of your contract. You can check the remaining balance or the final amount due on your account at our website

How can I find out the amount of my final payment?

Best option: Online search. You can verify the exact amount of your final payment: From our Tax Office website, go to Property Tax>Search & Payments. Then enter your property account number or address to see your account details.

What happens when my agreement is defaulted?

Once the agreement is defaulted, you must pay the full balance due on your account before the dates below:

If you fail to do so, your account will be referred to a delinquent collection attorney and an additional 15%-20% penalty will be assessed on the total balance due on your account. Failure to pay the tax, once it has been referred to collection may also result in additional fees/costs and legal action up to and including foreclosure or seizure of the property.