Dear Editor,

This November, Texans will be making a very important decision regarding their property taxes. Earlier this year, lawmakers worked on a tax relief bill to increase the homestead exemption from $15,000 to $25,000 on property taxes for school districts. This bill was signed by Governor Greg Abbott on June 16, 2015. Now, it will go to the voters for approval on November 3, 2015, and if passed, will provide an estimated $3.8 billion in tax relief to Texans.

As a longtime advocate for the taxpayer and Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector, my office has been working to ensure YOU, the taxpayer understands your rights and how you can effectively lower your tax bill. The constitutional amendment you will be voting on in this upcoming election is incredibly important. In Harris County, it will affect all homestead residential property accounts, which is around 800,000 property owners. If passed, a homestead residential taxpayer could see a $120-$167 reduction in their tax burden, depending on the school district approved tax rate.

Every year, I remind taxpayers to check to see if they are receiving the exemptions they are entitled to receive, as these are significant discounts to their tax bill. If passed, the increased exemption will offer an additional discount.

Please visit my website at or call 713-274-8000 to learn more about property tax exemptions and ways you can lower your bill.

Mike Sullivan
Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector