December 18, 2015

Media Contact: Justin Concepcion
Office: 713-274-8021
Mobile: 713-582-4925

Employee Finds Mail with Talcum Powder Inside, One Floor Evacuated

“At 11 a.m., today, December 18, 2015, the Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office employee discovered mail with an unknown white powder on the second floor of the Harris County Administration Building at 1001 Preston Street. My team notified local law enforcement and the second floor of our building was evacuated. Upon investigation by local law enforcement officials and hazardous materials specialists, the white powder was determined to be talcum powder. Since a threat no longer existed, employees and customers were let back inside the building at 12:30 p.m. Our call center, which handles property tax, auto and voter registration inquires, was offline for approximately one hour. The safety and well-being of employees and customers are my utmost concern.” ~ Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Mike Sullivan

The Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector’s office collects more than $5 billion in tax revenues, processes in excess of 4.5 million vehicular transactions annually and recently set an all-time record of 2.06 million registered voters. Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Mike Sullivan also serves as the Harris County Voter Registrar, who conducts voter registration activities, maintains approved voters files and prepares a certified list of approved voters for each county precinct. Learn more by visiting www.hctax.net.