Due to a change in the Texas Property Tax Code, which is officially effective as of 9-1-2015 but which HCAD has already started, HCAD cannot display any information on their website ( www.hcad.org) that shows or indicates the age of the property owner. Since one of the major residential exemptions is the 65 and over exemption they can not longer list that exemption on an account. If it is a homestead and any one of the various over 65 exemptions they list it as Residential Homestead (Multiple). This also means that the message about certain tax units might be under a tax ceiling will no longer appear as that implies it could be an over 65 exemption.

This is causing some confusion for customers and generating questions/contact with HCAD.

HCAD’s internal sites will still carry the actual information and at this time it will not affect our website (www.hctax.net) .

Below is a section of the law.

Texas Property Tax Code effective 9-1-2015:

Sec. 25.027 Restriction on Posting Information on Internet Website [Regarding Certain Residential Property]

(a) Information in appraisal records may not be posted on the Internet if the information:

(1) is a photograph, sketch, or floor plan of an improvement to real property that is designed primarily for use as a human residence; or

(2) indicates the age of a property owner, including information indicating that a property owner is 65 years of age or older.