Ann Harris Bennett
Tax Assessor-Collector & Voter Registrar

Frequently Used Vehicle Forms
EPMAT.pdfEmissions - testing regulations
MV-001-A.pdfStatement of Facts - General
MV-010.pdfFranchise Dealer Missing Inventory Affidavit
MV-015.pdfBill of Sale to a Motor Vehicle
MV-028.pdfMap for TxDMV and Harris County Tax Office Main Location
MV-050.pdfOne and Same Affidavit
MV-056.pdfDealer Supply Order Form
MV-065.pdfHarris County Tax Office Automobile Fee Schedule
MV-146 Rev 04-06.pdfSuggested Requirements Prior to Requesting a Title Hearing
MV-146-A.pdfRequest for Title Hearing
MV-146-SP Rev 04.06.pdfSuggested Requirements Prior to Requesting a Title Hearing (Spanish)
MV-265-M-1.pdfMechanic Lien Process-Step One
MV-265-M-2.pdfMechanic Lien Process-Step Two
MV-440.pdfRequest for Texas Motor Vehicle Information
MV-454.pdfAuthorization Letter
MV-466.pdfTransferring a Texas Title?
MV-469A.pdfExpired Registration Affidavit
MV-501.pdfConvenience Packages
MV-502.pdfTimed Permit Verification Form
MV-519.pdfSurcharges on Automobile Transactions-Automobile Dealers
MV-528.pdfInstructions to send a certified letter, return receipt requested
MV-531.pdfSelf Certification One Sticker
TS-001.pdfAcknowledgement of Receipt of Texas Transportation Code 520.051 and Texas Administrative Code 95.1
TS-2.pdfAcknowledgement of Receipt of forms MV-465 and MV-465A
TS-461.pdfApplication for Motor Vehicle Title Service/Runner License
TS-4.pdfMotor Vehicle Title Service Runner Authorization Form
TS-5.pdfHarris County Title Service Transaction Form
TS-5A.pdfHarris County Title Service Records
TS-8.pdfVehicle Title Service and/or Dealer Authorization Letter
TS-7.pdfStatement of Intent to Voluntarily Relinquish a Title Service and/or Runner's License
SPMAT-D.pdfSurcharges on automobile transactions - Automobile Dealers
VTR-214.pdfDisabilities Parking Placard and/or License Plate
TxDMV FormsTexas Department of Motor Vehicles Forms Web Site
130-U.pdfApplication For Texas Certificate Of Title